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MEDI-PEEL Bio-Intense Glutathione White Ampoule 30ml

MEDI-PEEL Bio-Intense Glutathione White Ampoule 30ml

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Solutions for
Dark spots
Uneven skin tone
Dullness and uneven texture

Product Function

How to use
Gently spread the desired amount from center of the face outward

Product Benefits
1. Glutathione that became famous because Beyonce used
2. 4-week intensive whitening care with glutathione on the skin
3. Whitening + melanin care+ skin vitality + decreasing blemish+ high transparency => Total whitening solution
4. 10 vitamin extracts improve your skin full of vatality
5. Glutathione gives an instant whitening effect, controls melanin enzyme and prevents freckles and pigmentation. The vitamin extracts provide skin with nutrition and moisture, recovering skin vitality
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