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MEDI-PEEL Aqua Plus Tox Ampoule 35ml

MEDI-PEEL Aqua Plus Tox Ampoule 35ml

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Solutions for

Dry skin

Wrinkled and dull skin



Blue Ampoule with silver colored  threads


How to Use

1. Remove the top cap of the ampoule.

2. Remove the applicator cap by turning 3~4 times and insert the applicator into the center hole.

3. Tilt the bottle to take an appropriate amount of the ampoule using the applicator.

4. Apply the ampoule to the area needing care to make it fully absorbed.


Product Benefits

High moisture ampoule to solve the lack of moisture, the root cause of various skin problems.

Hyaluronic acid and sacran moisturize provide moist glowing skin to both the outside and inside of the skin!

Melting collagen threads, panthenols, and silver build strong elastic barriers

Make your skin healthier with natural patent ingredients!

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