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NATURE REPUBLIC Ginseng Royal Silk Trial Kit [5items]

NATURE REPUBLIC Ginseng Royal Silk Trial Kit [5items]

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  • Discover the powerful union of ginseng and silk with the NATURE REPUBLIC Ginseng Royal Silk Trial Kit. This exclusive set contains carefully selected products that work together to promote the skin's vitality, moisture and youthful glow. Experience the beauty of ginseng and silk in a compact and convenient size, perfect for trying and experiencing these luxurious ingredients.

    Product information:

    1. Ginseng Royal Silk Toner - 31ml Refresh your skin with Ginseng Royal Silk Toner. Enriched with ginseng and silk, this toner prepares the skin for subsequent skin care products. It helps restore moisture balance and improve skin texture.

    2. Ginseng Royal Silk Emulsion - 31ml Ginseng Royal Silk Emulsion provides a light and nourishing moisture boost to the skin. Its unique formulation helps seal in moisture and lock in the active ingredients, leaving skin silky smooth and radiant.

    3. Ginseng Royal Silk Essence - 5ml This concentrated essence delivers a powerful dose of ginseng and silk, helping to improve skin elasticity, firmness and radiance. It is quickly absorbed and gives a rejuvenating feeling.

    4. Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream - 5ml Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream is a light and moisturizing cream that melts into the skin and provides intense hydration. It helps lock in moisture and creates a protective barrier.

    5. Ginseng Royal Silk Eye Cream - 5ml Give the eye area extra love with Ginseng Royal Silk Eye Cream. This cream is specially designed to reduce the appearance of fatigue, fine lines and dark circles around the eyes. It gives a soft and illuminating feeling.

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