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MEDI-PEEL V-Perfect Shape Lifting Mist 120ml

MEDI-PEEL V-Perfect Shape Lifting Mist 120ml

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Product Function
Whitening, Anti-Wrinkle

How to use
When care is needed, keep a distance from the face and spray lightly all over the face
(It can be used both before and after makeup)

Product Benefits
1. Weakening puffiness, strengthening line
2. No puffiness of every morning by spraying
3. Three step lifting system that makes V-Line smooth jawline
4. Moist and glowing skin by spraying before and after makeup
5. Puffing – tox complex removes puffiness of face
6. Three lifting ingredients make uneven jawline smooth V-line(Idealift, botox derived peptide, spider web peptide)
7. Volufiline that add volume and 7 hyaluronic acids that have water-glowing effect create moist and glowing skin
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