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Solutions for
Extreme dry skin (inner-and outer skin)
Sagging pores
Blemished skin

Product Function
Brightenig, Anti Wrinkle

How to use
After using toner, gently spread the desired amount from center of the face outward

Product Benefits
Care your inner-, outer pore and skin barrier with Ferment-Lacto Ingredient and French Low Molecular Collagen BABY PORE AMPOULE
1. Complete your baby skin by caring your inner-, outer pore and skin barrier
2. Immediate dermatology test approved! Improvement of 'Pore elastic', 'Skin texture', 'Moisture', 'Pore reduction' has been proved with single use
   (① Improves Pore Reduction (Number of pores, pore size, pore defect line), ② Improves pore elasticity, ③ Improves Skin texture, ④ Improves Skin moisture rate)
3. Ferment Lactic Acid Bacteria from persimmon extract and french low molecular collagen cares the pore elastic
4. Contains main ingredient to be a baby skin, 6 types of Amino Acid Complex only exist in baby skin delivers powerful moisturizing effect
5. 3 types of 'Hyaluronic acid' delivers 1,000 times more moisture to the skin and improves inner skin dryness
6. International patented ingredients improves skin structure, and 3 patented ingredients delivers anti-aging, pore reduction, and sebum suppression effects to the skin
7. Safe use for sensitive skin since it achieved EWG ALL GREEN Level, approval of 20-No Added Formula, 26-Allergens Test, and Dermatological Test
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