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MEDI-PEEL DR. Virgin Heal Feminine Wash 150ml

MEDI-PEEL DR. Virgin Heal Feminine Wash 150ml

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Solutions for
Every Women in their generation (20s~70s)
Y-zone care starters with naturally derived ingredients
Frequent Y-zone problems
One-step feminine wash care

Product Formula 
White Bubble

How to use
Pump an appropriate amount and gently clean around the vulvar area
Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water

Product Benefits
'The pH weak acidic feminine cleanser with pomegranate callus culture extracts and plantain ingredients cleanses and moisturizes vulnerable area.
Smart Y-zone cleanser not only cleanses but also balances the ph, moisturizes, and gives elasticity with 3 pomegranate components and plantain ingredients.
No stimulation for the precious and fragile Y zone by caring it mildly with natural surfactant!
Eternally protects the health of the Y-zone by containing anti-bacterial effects and blocking the main cause of vaginitis bacteria
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