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AROMATICA Essential Oil 10ml

AROMATICA Essential Oil 10ml

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Eucalyptus Essential Oil 10ml The revitalizing energy of nature gives positive oulook. The fresh energy of tall forest trees help restore exhausted mind. It transforms powerless and negative energy into positive one while leading your body and mind to relaxation.

Lavender Essential Oil 10ml The harmonious subtlety gives you a comfortable rest, like a sweet nap. Lavender is a quiet stabilizing nature that helps you relax and reach deep meditation, giving you a cozy hug and relaxation of the space. Lavender calms the mind when you feel emotionally and physically trapped in your life, allowing you to relax.

Rosemary Essential Oil 10ml The vitality of greenish shrub helps you spend a fresh day. Fresh rosemary clears foggy mind and steers you for a more pleasant day. Rosemary's strong scent is a symbol of vitality, helping to awaken helplessness and to have clarity.

Frankincense Essential Oil 10ml The richness of nature's freshness and deep stability. Frankinsense, called Olivanum, Boswellia, retains the living energy of hard-grown juniper trees on barren land in Somalia. The cool and pungent scent that spreads deeply helps to calm the disturbance of the mind and balance it.

Peppermint Essential Oil 10ml Fresh daily life filled with the fresh energy of young leaves. Early summer young leaf peppermint oil provides fresh energy to refresh the depressed mood. The cool and sweet energy of peppermint helps you relax your complex and uncomfortable body and mind. 

Lemon Essential Oil 10ml The fresh and lively energy of lemon opens your mind. Akin to warm sunlight, lemon provides vibrant energy that awaken all your senses. It helps keep overly tensed body and mind reach relaxation on an active day.

Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml The vigor of dew-laden greenish leaves empowers anxious mind. The refreshing energy of grassy leaves purifies body and mind and keep them strong and robust. It will certainly guide you to lead an energetic day, protecting you from harsh winds. 

Grapefruit Essential Oil 10ml A refreshing energy that gives you a warm feeling of happiness and positive energy. Enables you to achieve vitality to your body and mind and promote a healthy lifestyle.

How to Use
Add a tiny amount to your meal for an extra depth in flavor.

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